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M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System)

Prodwin technologies has over 20 years of experience, more than 500 customers and operating in various segments and size of industry, develops, sells, customizes the MES system and carries out specific projects according to customer needs.

With the PW-1 system, you have the production information in an accurate way, fast and in real time. Take a look below what you can see on your computer, tablet, smartphone and TV:

    • Industrial productivity
    • The OEE index.
    • The scrap level by product.
    • How long. Who stopped. And what were the main reasons of the stops of the machines.
    • More profitable products.
    • Shifts and departments more efficient.
    • The operators performance

In addition, you will have several real-time information about LABOR CONTROL of production:

  • You know in realtime exactly how many employees are working.
  • How many employees are allocated in which department or production cell.
  • Find out whether the real execution time is according to the engineering standard time.
  • Get real-time percentage of OEE (productivity) of each employee or each production line
  • View graphs and reports of the main reasons for lost time in production

The installation of Pw-1 system is simple, fast and comprising:

  • Smart data collectors installed on machines
  • Simplified infrastructure with a WiFi or Ethernet network
  • Pw-1 software installation on a single computer (server).

As the PW-1 is fully web, so access to the MES system can only be accessed using a Web browser:

Our Pw-1 solution is a complete system and advanced management of shop floor production in real time. Take a look the features that Pw-1 offers for your company:

  • Integration of Pw-1 system with all ERPs.
  • Production Planning.
  • Materials handling integrated with ERP.
  • Print barcode labels on production.
  • Site for weighing materials and integrate with ERP
  • Production Control (Quantity / Time / Rate).
  • Stops Control (Time / Reason / Responsible area/ MTBF / MTTR).
  • Labor control (on machines or benches).
  • Quality control (SCRAP: Quantity / Lost Time / Scrap reason).
  • Production Control Process.
  • Creation of barcode labels for a finished product.
  • Full-creation of graphics and reports in real-time and history.

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